The Land & Planning team at Gade have years of experience in securing planning consents for all forms of development on varying types of land from greenfield, to previously developed brownfield sites.

We start each site with a blank sheet of paper – putting landscape and biodiversity at the heart of our proposals from the outset, designing every home individually to meet our customers’ expectations. All of our developments are bespoke and design-led, ensuring they both respect and enhance their local surroundings. A tailored approach is taken to each planning application by partnering with a trusted team of professional advisors who are best-placed to navigate the complexities and key issues of each situation.

Consulting the communities within which we intend to build is an essential part of Gade’s planning practice. We take time to engage with local Parish councils and residents, understanding their views and addressing any concerns, with the objective to create homes that become welcome additions to their local area.

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