Gade jointly owns businesses that source land through option and promotion agreements, with a particular focus on edge of settlement and semi-rural locations with excellent transport links. The key focus is on sustainability with an emphasis on high-quality design promoting green infrastructure, which results in great places for people to live, work and play.

The company has amassed many medium and longer-term projects that are undertaken by brands within Gade Group, and in partnership with landowners and land promoters. Examples of such partnerships include Village Foundations and Land & Partners South East.

Village Foundations

Village Foundations specialise in helping rural communities in England respond positively to the need for housing in and around their villages. They are particularly interested in supporting communities that require specialist housing suitable for retired people and downsizers, as well as starter homes for younger generations.

For more information, please visit the Village Foundations website

Land & Partners South East

Land & Partners South East promotes land to deliver sensitively-designed housing-led schemes within carefully created landscaped environments. They understand the benefits of respecting the environment, engaging with the community and insisting on high-quality design, tailored to the local context.

For more information, please visit the Land & Partners website